7 dec. 2010

.: Post 7 - Destino


It's a beautiful video although Salvador Dali has weird ways of expressing his art. But don't we all?
What mostly I love on this video is the song.

Here are the lyrics:

Now I can smile and say
Destino, my heart was sad and lonely
...In knowing that you only
Could bring my love to me
Destino, this heart of mine is thrilled now
My empty arms are filled now
As they were meant to be
For you came along
Out of a dream I recall
Yes you came along
To answer my call
I know now that you are my destino
We'll be as one for we know
Our destiny of love
Destiny, destiny, destiny, ever I follow, follow, follow my Destino...

They make me think so much about rhine... I miss him so much.

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